Works 100% with wood


Traditional wood oven flavor


Great kitchen productivity


Bakes 4 pizzas of 30 cm at the same time


Compact size appliance

Pizza Oven ROASTER P

The professional wood Pizza Oven ROASTER P has been designed and manufactured for the modern and traditional pizzeria.

Pizza Oven ROASTER P

“BIOKAN, which has been producing charcoal oven products for more than 30 years , is pleased to present you the ROASTER P Wood Pizza Oven. The exterior and the interior cabin is lined with high quality stainless steel. Also, there is a fireplate for the cooking of the pizza. Thanks to this small and flexible appliance, any restaurant can offer to its customers the traditional flavor of the pizza oven.”

Analog Thermometer

Up to 600°C.

Exterior Casing

Made from stainless AISI 304

62 pizza/hour


Interior material

Stainless steel interior

Pizza peel


Refractory floor

Exterior dimensions 1120x820x520(mm)
Interior dimensions 1040×650(mm)
Weight 260kg
Time of preparation 35″
Consumption (kg/h)* 4kg
Capacity 4pcs
Maximum temperature 450°C

* Specs may differ according to the quality and the type of wood that is used.