Our company, BIOKAN G.P. was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Kozani, Greece. Since then we have been manufacturing stainless steel constructions for restaurants and other food service establishments. Over the past few years we have specialized in manufacturing professional exhaust commercial hoods and charcoal rotisseries with great success. What led us to this success is the know-how and our experienced staff as well as our avant-garde machinery. We boast one of the most technologically advanced production lines of stainless steel constructions in Greece. As a result, we construct high quality products, which combine modern design with functionality, to the most competitive prices


At the 1700 m2 establishments of our own property, stands a complete production line including CNC and LASER machines, an organized warehouse as well as administration offices.


BIOKAN manufactures and can provide its clients with every kind of stainless steel equipment such as exhaust kitchen hoods, charcoal rotisseries and grills, closets etc. We are also able to offer consulting services regarding the exhaust hood installation and the space disposal of the equipment in the professional kitchens


BIOKAN believes in continuous improvement. Our engineers are constantly developing and redesigning products, responding to the needs of our customers. BIOKAN strives to construct products that are more efficient, easier to install and maintain, and capable of the highest standards. These are the objectives that have led us to innovative ideas such as the Air Flow Control System (AFC) which can be installed in the compensation exhaust commercial hoods in order to regulate manually the flow of the incoming air. Motorized charcoal spit rotisseries are also innovative because an individual motor is placed to each axis in order to achieve better roasting results


BIOKAN has always been a client-centered business. This has been the main characteristic of its development since its foundation and it determines, till today, the commercial expansion and strategy. BIOKAN provides and will keep providing to its clients high quality products and services to fair prices.